Function Definitions

Functions share a lot of characteristics with functions in JavaScript, but they aren't exactly the same.

You've seen how to define a basic function:

void printHello() {

A few things to note:

All Dart functions return something. If you don't return anything, return null is implicitly added to the end of your function.

Types, as of Dart 2.0, are no longer optional:

// not okay:
printHello() {
 // code 

But, you can get around this by using dynamic. I recommend only using this if you don't know what the function will return.

dynamic printHello() {
  // code

Dart also has fat-arrow functions (like ES6), but they don't work exactly the same way. You only use these in Dart if the function can be condensed to one line:

// implicitly returns:
void printHello => print('hello');

In JS, the scoping changes with FA functions. Not so in Dart.