Null-Aware Operators

Null aware operators are super handy. In English, you're telling your code to 'Do this unless the variable is null';

There are three null-aware operators in Dart.


// assign newValue to x, unless newValue is null, then assign it to 1;
int x = newValue ?? 1;


The second operator is kind of the opposite. In a way, it accomplishes a very similar problem.

// assign newValue to x, but only if x is currently null. Otherwise, ignore.
var x; 
x ??= newValue;

// this is literally just syntactic sugar for:
x = x ?? newValue;

So in both cases, we're protecting ourselves against null values.


This last one is pretty handy. It's used to call a method or getter only if the expression you're calling it on isn't null.

// if parent is null, don't even try to call method, just return null.

// these can be chained:
// if parent is null, return, then check child. is it null? finally call the getter.