String (with a capitol 'S') is the String type in Dart.

// establish a string
String myString = "Hello";

// escape characters:
var quote = "\"Now cracks a noble heart. Good night sweet prince.\" - Horatio";
// => "Now cracks a noble heart. Good night sweet prince." - Horatio

You can user variables and concatination:

void main() {
  String name = 'Orld';
  print(name + 'is hungry.');

Dart also gives us nice string interpolation that's only slightly different than ES2015.

//Interoplate variable: 
String greeting = 'Hello, $name';

// Interpolate expression:
String loudGreeting = 'HELLO, ${firstName.toUppercase()}';

Print raw strings by preceeding the String with r

print(r"$name is hungry")
// => $name is hungry

Finally, Dart will automatically concat two adjacent strings.

void main() {
  print("Hellow, " "Orld")

// -> `Hellow, Orld`