Welcome to Dart 30

If you're here, hopefully you now know Dart's syntax. Syntax is important, but what's really important is how you leverage the language and how productive it allows you to be. So now we'll start the good stuff.

One of my favorite courses on the internet is Wes Bos's JavaScript 30. If you aren't familiar, it takes the approach of giving 30 simple, bite-sized lessons that teach core concepts of JavaScript on the web. A lot less can go wrong and there's a lot less set up than the 'lets build a monolithic thing' type tutorial.

I'm aiming for this same bite-size tutorial.

Get Setup

First, you need to set up your environment. Down load the course repo here:

Dart30 lessons

In this repo, you'll find 30 lessons, each with 2 sub directories: Start and Finish. Your goal is going to be to get Start to work like finish.

This is how I recommend using this code:

  • cd into finish, and run it.
  • In your browser navigate to localhost:8080 and check out the end goal.
  • cd into start and run that with pub serve --port:8082.
  • In your browser, navigate in a new window to localhost:8082 Now you have both running at once.
  • Spend 0 - 30 minutes trying--on your own-- to get to finish.
  • Whether you finished or not, after 30 minutes, checkout the finished code and the tutorial lesson here.

tl;dr: You need to struggle a bit to figure it out in order to learn, but after 30 minutes or so it's better to ask for help.

Here we go!